About Cheer UP Athletics

Cheer UP Athletics Cheerleading Teams & Gyms in Rhode Island

Cheer UP Athletics is an All Star Cheer Gym located in East Providence, RI which offers a variety of programming.

Their programming includes Full-Year All Stars, Half-Year All Stars, FUNdamentals (very beginner, early age, instructional All Stars), Open Tumble, Private Classes, and School & Outside Program Team Tumbling.

Cheer UP also lends its facility to be able to be rented out as a way to supplement practice access for town or school cheer programs or for a variety of different possible needs that folks in the community might have.

Since its inception in April of 2016, through a whole lot of hard work and dedication of its athletes and coaches, Cheer UP has been able to experience what can only be described as meteoric success.

In its first season of existence, Cheer UP’s first team, Small Junior 3 Karma, a team of 11 athletes, advanced all the way to a Top 10 finish in the Finals of the D2 Summit.

Cheer UP’s teams have a strong track record of finishing at the top of each competition they compete in and have had numerous teams reach the D2 Summit Finals, in 2018 their Senior Prep Midnight Team won US Finals and proceeded to win the US Finals ‘Champion Challenge’, in 2019, their Medium Senior 2 Wicked Team won the D2 Summit, in 2020, their Small Junior 2 Karma team won CheerSport Atlanta, and in 2021 their Medium Senior 4.2 Wicked team won NCA Nationals.

While it all certainly has been quite the journey, Cheer UP Athletics continues to enthusiastically approach every competition that is next on its schedule with laser focus, looks to broaden awareness of the sport of All Star Cheerleading in general, and is always looking for new athletes who may be a great fit for one of the variety of programs that they are able to offer.

Our Mission Statement:

To raise awareness of the sport of All Star Cheerleading, while at the same time doing everything in our power to provide an environment that not only provides our athletes access to the highest levels of competition, but does so in a way that is as diverse and as inclusive as possible.

Classes and Camps