What is All Star Cheerleading?

All Star Cheerleading is a dynamic team sport that includes both girls and boys. They perform stunting, pyramids, dance, gymnastics, showmanship, acrobatics, tumbling and a number of other types of choreographed maneuvers. All Star Cheerleading utilizes a spring floor.

Carefully constructed teams include every required element to perform complex routines consisting of basing, flying, tumbling, and dancing. Most of these well-rounded athletes can perform a variety of these skills. All Star teams typically consist of 5 to 38 athletes.

What is All-Star Cheerleading

How Does All Star Cheerleading Work?

Each member of each team is expected to gain experience in as many of these All Star Cheer-related skill sets as possible. By approaching things in this manner, the athletes have the best shot possible at maximizing their potential. All Star Cheerleading’s primary purpose is competition. Teams practice with their teams to compete in competitions (local or national) with the general goal being to be invited to compete for a number of postseason championships. The competition routine is set at 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. The teams add music to each transition and element of the routine to strengthen its complex choreography. At competitions, teams are divided by age and skill level. When it comes to the routine performances, they are judged based on difficulty, creativity, execution, and showmanship. Teams are most often organized and formed based on tiers for every skill level, from beginner to elite. They do not cheer for other sports per se (as one may envision with traditional cheerleading). Any “cheers” that may be incorporated are seldom done and rarely seen. On the uncommon occasion that they are utilized,  teams do not use offense and defense cheers, but they use “competition cheers”. The skill levels of each of the team members is usually high in comparison to other factions of cheer as an All Star athlete’s complete focus is on competing at competition.

All Star Cheerleading differs from school and town cheerleading because All Star Cheer teams focus solely on performing a competition routine and not on leading cheers for other sport teams. The tryout or placement process for All Star cheer tends to also be a bit different than school or town cheer as well. All Star Cheerleading rules are based on skill progressions commonly performed in the sport and that are developmentally appropriate for the age of the competitor. There are different levels and multiple age divisions. Teams range from the Tiny Novice Level 1 through levels that are also open to adults.

Is All Star Cheerleading for You?

These days, this particular sport is easily the fastest growing sector of cheerleading. In fact, there are several reasons why families may want to consider signing their athletes up for All Star Cheer. All Star Cheer is a very athletically maturing, progressive sport; All Star Cheer athletes tend to be extraordinarily active and goal driven. All Star Cheerleading is a sport that drives athletes to discover the limits of their own abilities, to push through these limits when possible, and strongly emphasizes the value of teamwork. All Star Cheer helps athletes in developing themselves not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Is All Star Cheerleading for Yo

All Star Cheer deeply encourages diversity as because the teams are already divided between age and skill level, the majority of routines benefit from the varying abilities of each of the athletes performing in them, and tends to cater to and bring out the differing strengths of each of the participating athletes.

If you are looking for a sport for your athlete to participate in that is highly structured, well-rounded in terms of the way that it develops its athletes inside and out, and that is as intense to take part in as it is fun to watch, then All Star Cheerleading could very well be your sport!!

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